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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild – A Review

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I wanted to write this review because this Zelda is unlike any other Zelda game I have ever played, and yet it is hard to begin because it is hard to know where to start! But I shall do my best!

Skipping over the hype for the game before I ever played it (I tend to ignore this, I have been burned by this before. “Oh my God, this game/film is amazing”, followed by me after me playing/watching it, “Meh. Was hyped too much”. Hype ruins it for me because I go in expecting greatness but get something subpar afterwards), I first played this game in May of 2017. A friend came to visit and he brought his Switch and copy of Breath of the Wild (and 1-2-Switch, but that’s a story for another day!), and I played it as a “Make the most of it, it will be a while before you own this game” so I kinda took it for granted.

But, 5 short months later, my wife (at the time fiancee) bought me a Switch and Breath of the Wild for my birthday. I played it again, this time as the owner of the game, and with the foresight of someone who would play it for more than a single day. And boy oh boy, did my view of this game change in more ways than one!

Writing Week – The Lead Up

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I recently tweeted that I had booked off a week from work so that I could 100% focus on my writing. I will doing very little else for that week other than writing. My goal? To at least double my word count for my latest writing project. How much is that you ask? I currently have around 50,000 words. This means by the end of that week, I should (if all goes as planned) around or over 100,000 words.

I have dubbed this week “Writing Week”.

Hello Edinburgh!

We did it! We moved to Edinburgh! We drove, our possessions packed into a van that was slightly too small and my car and, with London in our rear-view mirrors, drove up the west coast of the UK, cut across along the border and arrived safely in Edinburgh!

Time for a little back story.

Back in September, Kate was offered the opportunity to transfer to the Edinburgh office of the business she works. She was all up for it, but I was unsure. We talked about it, her full of excitement, myself full of fear and doubt. While Kate had moved country to country, from big city to big city before, I had stayed in London all my life. Granted, I did move to Canterbury for 4 years for my university degrees, but I had moved back to London for work as that was where the majority of the jobs were. As I realised, this move was most likely due to me wanting to move back into my comfort zone as it was the place I was raised, I knew it and knew it well. Edinburgh, on the other hand, was a complete unknown and I am not a fan of the unknown.

Kate and I decided to visit Edinburgh to see what it was like. We planned a 4 day weekend, Kate would work on the Thursday and Friday from the Edinburgh office and I would explore both Edinburgh and Leith (the port town north-east of central Edinburgh that is now considered part of Edinburgh). It was on this four day weekend that I realised what a beautiful city Edinburgh was, it was rich with history, stories and breath-taking sights. And the air! My God the air in Edinburgh is the freshest air I have ever breathed!

Halothon 2013 – A Childs Play Charity Event

For those who don’t know, back in January 2013 I hosted a Halo marathon (quickly abbreviated to Halothon) in which I played my way through all of the Halo games chronologically, (starting with Halo Reach and working my way through Halo CE, 2, ODST, 3 and finally 4) back-to-back on the Heroic difficulty (I tried playing them on Legendary, and basically I’m not that good!) for 24 hours which I streamed on Twitch.Tv. But I didn’t do this just for giggles, I did it to raise money for Child’s Play Charity.

Child’s Play Charity raise money to buy toys, games and books for children who are in hospital. I was fortunate enough to never have been hospitalised as a child (well, not for more than a day anyway… Long story), but I know that my father was and so was my eldest brother. Even if you haven’t been hospitalised as a child, or even as an adult, you must have been inside a hospital at some time or another. You know what it’s like, it’s not a great deal of fun. It’s boring, it can smell of medicine and, especially for a small child, it can be very scary. So what does Child’s Play do? They buy them toys, books and games to keep a child entertained during their stay at the hospital. The best part of this is it’s not just to keep the child entertained or quiet, it has been proven that a happy child heals faster after a procedure than an unhappy child. It’s a win-win! And if you count the fun you have raising the money helping them out, it’s a win-win-win!

Mars – Why does it not have life?

Ah, Mars. My favourite of the inner planets, because it is so close (astronomically speaking) but yet it is mostly a mystery to us, and it has such an interesting past. And this is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

Scientists think that once upon a time, a long time ago, Mars was once much like Earth. It had an atmosphere, it had water (in fact, they think the northern hemisphere was mostly covered whilst the southern was mostly land! Imagine a planet where all the northern hemisphere was water and all the southern was land, how cool would that be?) and, like Earth, to this day it still has seasons, weather and everything!

So, what happened?

Final Fantasy IX – A Review

I know this might be a little late, but 15 years ago I was 10 and blogging/reviews were far from my mind. I was more concerned with ignoring my homework and actually playing this game! What game? Why, Final Fantasy IX, of course!

I am writing this because frankly I still think (as fore mentioned, 15 years later) that Final Fantasy IX is the best Final Fantasy game to date.

I can already hear angry people typing in the comments saying “What?! How can you say that?! Final Fantasy (insert number here, most likely VII) was the definitive Final Fantasy game!!!” and I say to you that yes, Final Fantasy (insert number here, most likely still VII) was fantastic, and I really enjoy that too. Final Fantasy VII, certainly, has been the most successful of the Final Fantasy having spin-off games, anime shows and, hell, even movies made from it! And what a movie it is, Advent Children is amazing! But I still prefer Final Fantasy IX. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.